Firstly… Congratulations!

I gather you are starting to plan your wedding ceremony.  Even though there is so much to think of and consider when planning your big day, getting married should be a moment in time you remember for all the right reason. As a wedding celebrant, my goal is to create a ceremony that captures why you are getting married and what you and your partner want your ceremony to look, sound and feel like.

A little about me…

I live between Cobungra and Mount Hotham in the North East of Victoria. ! I’m 32 years young, a relaxed (sometimes too relaxed) person who lives a glass half full (or even full and overflowing) lifestyle. I love the outdoors (especially the snow).  I love a good adventure, so if you are wanting to get married somewhere a little different that’s ok with me, on the flip side if you are not wanting a thrill-seeking adventure for your ceremony that is totally fine. My theory on getting married and what my role as a celebrant is:

I’m not here to overpower you with ideas and tell you what you should include. There are legal elements we have to include. I’m here to guide, support and provide open-minded suggestions. No matter what style of ceremony you choose I’ll still make sure it has a personal twist. Getting married should be fun and memorable and with limited stress!

I look forward to speaking with you and answering all your questions, and if it works out standing there with you on the big day!

A little advice I give… you have to be comfortable with your celebrant as you often share details about your love, life and each other. Your celebrant helps you ignite the fire of your marriage so take time and talk to more than one celebrant, so you find the right one for you!